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We turn businesses into brand's. Code4 is a fast paced innovative on-line marketing company that is here for you.

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At Code4 we offer your business the full package, We can take your business from its infancy or from an already established brand and take your conversions to another level. As a company with a great reputation we pride ourselves in maintaining the standard that we have been well recognised for.

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We offer a full-service, we are a digital on-line media company. We are confident to say we're a pleasure to work with! We are friendly, open and passionate about what we do. This shows in our every piece of work we have the pleasure to work on, whether that be business branding, web design, stationary or development.

Creating your vision is our goal. We understand that you're searching for the best value. For many years now, we have branded many businesses and developed many solutions from clean well thought of broacher websites to ecommerce shops right through to bespoke client portals.


You must create your brand. How do you brand your business? Attractive and original design is key. Code4 specializes in business branding services that are truly a cut above the rest. Creating your vision is our goal.


You will be receiving the best and sharpest designs possible with retina images. We work with all the latest tools in order to provide you with truly amazing designs that will be a benchmark for you and your business for years to come.


Choose us for your development needs. Why? You will be receiving the best in web development technology. We develop using the latest frameworks. This complies with W3C XHTML and uses the most recent trends.

Take a look under the hood

Thanks Guys, we wanted a custom built WordPress website that would be unique to our business, you delivered on budget and on time with a site nothing less than perfect.
~ Mrs George ~

We went from position 9 on page 14 to postion 4 on page one of all major search engines within 6 months. We highly recommend Code 4 and our campaign is ongoing.
~ Mr Proctor ~

You have helped us from start to finish, as a medium sized business this next step was vital. We now have a brand with both a meaning and a look of quality.
~ Mr Jennings ~

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Code 4 Media Ltd
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Brand of C4

Mission Statement

Providing online solutions and turning businesses into recognised brands

Our Core Values

Whether you're working with pixels or code, attention to the small detail will make all the difference.

A little about us

Why we do it:
We believe in doing things better and helping businesses grow. We love turning idea's into brands whilst challenging and changing online media by thinking beautifully.

How we do it:
We do this by creating creative and simple solutions that are beautifuly designed and user friendly.

What we stand for, In a nutshell:
Programming is where we started, hence part of the business name CODE. The number four happens to be the directors favourite number it also can be used as shortand for the word FOR. Online Media is what we do!

What we do:
We are an online media company. We love what we do and we just happen to be brilliant at branding, design and development. want to hire us?

Where did it all start

Something different, something unique was key. It all started in 2010 when the director of Code4 wanted to create his own brand/business and got frequently frustrated with contracting and working for agency's that like most didn't give a dam about their clients, only what they were spending. So Code4 was born and the first thing needed was a brand that summarised the business and incorporated the family name which would give the brand a personal touch and bring a special meaning to the business, as well as something unique that would be a symbol/icon that would be a associated with Code4 for many years to come. So to the drawing board we went!!

Is that a tepee?


Thats right it is, Camps being the surname of the director. Camps, Tepee, get it?
This was a fun, quirky way of implementing the surname into the brand. We decided on the colour blue because this is the color of the sky and sea. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith and truth.



Delta represents the number 4 in latin, it is also a "code" word representing a letter in the greek alphabet, and its used for digital communication, its also a well recognised symbol of structure. All this in mind we felt that it was only right to try and implement this within the design one way or another.

Door or arrow?


It's actually both, the door is the obvious one as the tepee has a door, although there is more to it than that. The meaning behind this part of the design is to show that the door is always open as well as everything we do being transparent. It's not a coincident that it's in the shape of an arrow, this means growth and direction for all.