Privacy Policy

Our sole aim here are the is to furnish you with all of the most up to date information surrounding the rules, laws and regulations that may affect you based on where you live in the world.

We are not interested in amassing all manner of information from any of our website visitors and as such this is why we have made this website freely available to anyone who wishes to view it and everyone can do so without the need to sign up or register.

Your visit to this website will be completely private therefore and should you at any time wish to contact us then you are invited to do so and our email contact details can be found on the Contact Us page of this website.

If you do get in touch with us then please do be aware that we still respect your right to complete privacy and as such any email address you use to contact us from is only going to be used if your enquiry requires a reply, at no time will we use, sell or give out your email address to anyone else and we never send out any type of marketing emails.